Columnar fruit seedlings are an integral part of the Gajić Nursery offer.

Columnar Fruit Seedlings have become a standard assortment of our Nursery because of their increasing demand. In addition to standard fruit seedlings and vine grafts, Gajić Fruit Seedlings Nursery can offer you a wide range of top quality columnar fruit tree.

These seedlings, as well as mini fruit tree , can be grown in the garden, on the patio or in pots.

Most of the time they serve as decoration or to complement a smaller space, but in most cases the columnar fruit tree produce equally good fruit.

Columnar Fruit Tree - COLUMNAR APPLE:

Columnar Seedlings - COLUMNAR APPLE

Columnar Fruit Tree  - COLUMNAR APPLE

Columnar Fruit Tree - COLUMNAR PEAR:

Columnar Seedlings - COLUMNAR PEARDescription:
Columnar Fruit Tree - COLUMNAR PEAR

Columnar Fruit Tree - COLUMNAR SWEET CHERRY:

Columnar Seedlings - COLUMNAR SWEET CHERRYDescription:
Columnar sweet cherry fruit tree produce bright red, juicy, medium-sized fruit and are fruitful regularly. This variety of sweer cherries does not need pollinators.

Ripening time: Mid-July



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